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Meet Me At The Alter Bridal Show

Posted on August 29, 2013

The name says it all.  Every bride wants to meet her groom at the alter on their big day! But before they can get there, a lot of preparation needs to take place.  From the caterer, to the photographer there is a lot for a bride to think about.  The last thing she needs to worry about is the decorations!

We met a lot of really nice, and excited brides and their family and friends at the bridal show.  We were able to show them a few of our signature pieces. including some of our balloon center pieces, a square archway, balloon columns, and a candy buffet.

At Ah, Whatta'Bout Mimi, we are fully equipped to deal with all the reception and other big day decoration questions.  We specialize in balloon decor, which can be a fun way to decorate your reception space.  For example archways and balloon columns make great eye-catching pieces.  And of course don't forget the customized balloon bride and groom.  They are super fun and can make great photo opportunities for your guests. Below you can see a picture of the ones we made for the bridal show. They are standing underneath one of our square archways which is decorated with tulle and flowers for extra flair. We used color matching accessories for our balloon couple.  Something else that is unique about these balloons is that we get to design our own wedding dress each time.  We try to create a current style, but sometimes we have requests for specific ones.

On the table to the right you can see a centerpiece that we can do with our "love dove" clear balloon topper.

Candy buffets are all the rage this year!! Everyone wants to have a customized buffet for guests to chose from their choice of candies to match either your color or your theme.

Meet me at the Alter Bridal Show 002

Meet me at the Alter Bridal Show 004

Candy Buffets are so much fun to put together.  We have done quite a few wedding and other event candy buffets and so for the bridal show we did one as well.  I love coming up with unique candy selections and decorations.

Meet me at the Alter Bridal Show 003

Guests at the Meet me At The Alter bridal show got to sample some of the brand new "Jewel" jelly belly beans.  The cream soda ones look just like little pearls.  And quickly became my favorite snack food while at the fair.

We even had matching candy sticks and some of our special orange cream truffles for the brides to try.  These truffles just melt in your mouth and taste just like a dreamsicle. Delicious! We do all the decoration on the candy buffet and create name tags too.  It's so much fun designing something special for people's special day.

Meet me at the Alter Bridal Show 006

white orange cream truffle
white orange cream truffle

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