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  • Employee Recognition

    More and more companies are realizing that employee recognition is not only a nice thing to do, but a necessary business practice.  By recognizing employees effectively, positive actions and behaviors are reinforced.  Effective recognition comes in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes a simple, yet sincere "Thank you" with a smile and a handshake is enough.  Other times, a small gift is appropriate but always with a sincere "Thank you" and smile. 

    We recently did these gifts for one of our clients.  They had a sunflower theme so we did sunflowers on black stack boxes.  The top box has a giant truffle and the bottom box contains several cello bags, each with a different gourmet candy.




    Team celebrations can be the best!.  Team recogntion is a great way to celebrate a team win and reinforce the positive behaviors that contributed to the goals being met or exceeded.  We sometimes do team baskets by the 100s for clients as they are shipped all over the country. 



    Our favorite is delivering these locally and seeing the excitement they create!  

    Remembering an employee's birthday is a great way to remind him or her that he or she is appreciated.  We have automated birthday programs to support busy managers so they never overlook a birthday.  Somedays it is all hands on deck to fulfill our birthday orders.


    So the next time you have an employee or co-worker who you want to recognize, give us a call.  We would love to help you celebrate!

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  • May Is Here

    Everyone assumes that Christmas is a really busy season for us, and it is, but we need our elves in May as well.  The first weekend in May is the Kentucky Derby.  Our derby baskets are the BEST - stocked with Kentucky Proud products including Bourbon Balls!  So grab your Derby hat and come on in - don't have a hat - we will make you one!


    Immediately following Derby, we will be preparing for Nurse's Day and Mother's Day!  We have unique gift ideas, flowers and balloons. 


    Immediately following the week of Nurses and Moms, here come the proms and graduations.  Our decor packages are awesome as we customize for any prom theme or graduation party.  And don't forget the candy buffet for your graduation party - all color coordinated for your school's colors. 

    Graduation gifts are A+ at Mimi's - flowers, balloons, gift baskets and candy bouquets!  Graduates may want to thank a special teacher with a cool gift. we have lots of new teacher gifts to choose from this year, so come in and check them out. 

    Oh yeah and on May 31st it will be only 238 shopping days until Christmas!  Whew!

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  • Easter

    Easter is right around the corner and we are READY!  Our giant fudge-love truffle eggs are beautifully decorated and ready to go.  Some would say they are too pretty to eat, but they won't be able to hold out for long.  We also have bunny decorated oreo cookies that have been triple dipped in delicious chocolate, so good!  Isn't it funny the things we cover in chocolate - marshmallow eggs, peanut butter chicks and bunnies, cookies and cream bunnies and fudge bunnies! 



    Some of our Easter grab bags include; speckled malted milk eggs, candy coated chocolate covered marshmallows (my personal fav), peas and carrots (yes, the candy, not the veggies), bunny corn, sour bunnies, gum drops and mint lentils. 

    Of course our everyday grab bags are awesome too - orange slices, cherry slices. cinnamon butter almonds, dark toffee almonds, peanut butter bites, chocolate covered raisins and peanuts, espresso beans - both in milk and dark chocolate, Greek yogurt covered blueberries and cranberries and of course, chocolate covered strawberries. 

    We also have some great balloon bouquets and balloon sculptures to celebrate the season.  We would love to see you here at the store, but if you cannot make it in, please call us or order online!

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  • Happy Valentines Day!

    Preparing for Valentine's Day can be very challenging.  Flowers have to be ordered over a month in advance to secure availability.  We order the top quality long-stem roses and plan to have floral bouquets that feature not only roses, but also, lilies, daises (my favorite), carnations, delistars, alstromeria, snapdragons, cremones, spider mums...well you get the picture. 

    We found some awesome vases that are so diva, I know we will sell out of them.



    The balloon sculptures are always so fun planning and putting together new ideas.  The ballowers and loodles are super popular every year.  And the lifesize balloon men fly out the door as quickly as we can create them! 



    This year we are adding some fun balloon animals - everyone has their favorite and this little guy who just says, "I moustache you to be my Valentine!"  Reserve this one early!


    The balloon animals will be a fun addition.  We will have horses, monkeys, tigers, zebras, giraffes, and pigs.  They will all be WILD about you!

    Our gourmet chocolates have always exceeded the floral and balloon sales, so we may have saved the best for last.  This is the first year we will have our over-sized truffles.  These are amazing - big enough to share but so good, who wants to?  So don't forget in addition to Jelly Bellys, popcorn, and cookies, we have the most amazing hand-dipped chocolates in Louisville.  Pick your favorites to create the perfect assortment for your sweeties.



    There you have it...flowers, balloons and candy - we gotcha covered this Valentines Day!  We are already taking orders for delivery in the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas.  Candy can be shipped anywhere in the US!  502-583-4933  Happy Valentines Day!



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  • Pinktober

    What fun we had decorating the Hard Rock at Fourth Street Live for the annual Pinktober celebration!  Since it is always a packed house, we did lots of air-filled sculptures suspended from the ceiling to save precious floor space.  One piece was a chandelier complete with white and, of course, pink lights.  Things turned out beautiful!  Check it out...



    Add a balloon drop and a few balloon columns - (save the boobie trees) and the Hard Rock was looking Pretty In Pink!


    In sound check, the bands sounded awesome!  I am certain it was a rocking night!  On to the Belle Birthday decor for Sunday - pirate theme!  Thanks for reading!  Mimi

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